Dear Parents and Confirmation Students,

Upcoming Dates:


March 26th 10:15-12:15- 6th Student and Parent Class- Sponsors need to come to this class as we will be rehearsing

April 27th- Confirmation- Students and Sponsors need to arrive at 6pm, Confirmation will be at 7pm

April 30th 10:15-2:15pm Mystagogy Retreat for all Confirmands


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May the peace of Christ be with you all,

Your 2016~ 2017 Confirmation Team:

Caroline Stanfill

Todd Allmond

Armando Herrera

Rose McCarthy

Sharon Harrilla

Lizette Herrera

Beth Derringer



Parent Letter for Confirmation 2016-2017
Catholic Diocese of Richmond - Sacraments
United States Conference of Catholic Bishops - Confirmation


Direct questions regarding Confirmation to Caroline Stanfill (Coordinator of Youth, Young Adult, and Evangelization Ministry) at cstanfill@standrewsroanoke.org 

In a recent communication from Francis DiLorenzo, Bishop of the Catholic Diocese of Richmond, we were given the required Diocesan policies for the sacrament of Confirmation. St. Andrew’s is in compliance with these general principles and policies that have been mandated.  Participation in the sacraments is a shared responsibility of parents, catechists, and sponsors, and the church itself, which is the assembly of believers united in Christ.  The following is a general overview of how this process occurs within our parish.  In the event that your young person has not completed preparation and/or received a particular sacrament, and you are concerned, you should contact the assigned coordinator.  It is your responsibility to contact these individuals for further instructions. 
A faith development program for high school students is used for preparing those who are to celebrate the Sacrament of Confirmation. The program is based on a theology that sees Confirmation as a sacrament of initiation intimately connected with the other two initiation sacraments, which are Baptism and Eucharist. Confirmation is seen as a celebration of the process by which young men and women come to accept the gift of faith and receive the sacrament of mission to the world.
The Sacramental Preparation consists of core modules that cover the following material:

  • God's Mission to Us: The Father sends the Son and the Holy Spirit - This module explores the history of salvation, with a particular focus on the Holy Spirit.
  • The Church: God's Mission Continues - This module focuses on the role of the Holy Spirit in the Church, in order to prepare the candidate to be joined more closely to the Church, and to her mission, through Confirmation.
  • Confirmation: Initiation into Mission - This module focuses on Confirmation as a Sacrament of Initiation, which completes and strengthens the grace of Baptism.  This module also reviews the signs and symbols of the Rite of Confirmation.
  • The Mission of Discipleship: A Life of Witness - This module explores the moral and prayerful dimension of Confirmation, including participation in the Church's mission to the world.                                                                                                   


  1. Candidates for Confirmaiton must be in at least the 10th grade, and be at least 15 years old.
  2. Attendance at Christian Formation sessions and/or a Parochial School's Religion Program, as well as the parish's Confirmation program sessions are required to complete the process. Please refer to the Christian Formation calendar for specific dates regarding the Confirmation process.