If you would like to ask a clergyman of St. Andrew's (pastor, parochial vicar, or deacon) to celebrate your wedding, that request should occur in person, at the door of the church, after a Sunday Mass.

If you do not live in Roanoke currently, please speak to your current parish priest first, discuss your engagement with him, develop a plan for your spiritual preparation for the sacrament, then contact St. Andrew's.


Catholic parishes do not charge for the celebration of the sacraments.  The suggested donation for the use of the church is $250.

Fees that may apply are...


Organist and Cantor (required)   $600.00

An offering to the priest/deacon is at the discretion of the couple.


Filing fee $40 (applicable when one or both parties do not reside in the parish boundaries)


Learn more about the Sacrament of Marriage here.