Walk to Jerusalem

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Beginning Sunday, January 14, 2018 St. Andrew’s Parish will embark on a virtual pilgrimage to Jerusalem.  Our “Walk to Jerusalem” is a unique tour in which each parishioner is encouraged to participate; mind, body and soul!  No one is too young or too old.  We will “travel” from Roanoke to Jerusalem.   We will make new friends, rekindle old friendships, renew our hearts and have some fun, while at the same time exercise our bodies to remain healthy and strong. 

Each week we “travel” to a different country along the way, using prayer and exercise of all kinds to fuel our journey.  We will travel to 11 different port countries as we follow the steps of other pilgrims, many holy men and women, and visit many holy places via handouts, our “Walk to Jerusalem” blog, St. Andrew’s website and the parish Facebook page.  We will sample each country’s food (recipes provided), learn about their culture and history, and see their beautiful geography and churches.  There will be special prayers to guide our hearts and souls through this beautiful pilgrimage as we grow in our prayer life and love of God and neighbor. Our ultimate goal is to arrive in Jerusalem in time for the holy procession on Palm Sunday.

A large map will hang in the social hall tracking our journey.  Everyone will turn in their minutes or miles each week, either in the special box that will be located under the map in the social hall or electronically.  We will tally the minutes/miles and use the cumulative total to move us along the way.  You can watch the progress each week on the map!  We begin next Sunday, January 14th.  We have 11 weeks to accomplish our goal.  We are very excited to have you join us!  So get yourself ready.  No passport needed.  The cost is free, but the journey is priceless!


Turn in your miles on the Contact option of our blog and keep updated on our journey each week at  www.standrewsroanokewalktojerusalem.wordpress.com

Email your miles to standrewswalktojerusalem@gmail.com


Check our Facebook page for updates: http://www.facebook.com/standrewsroanokewalktojerusalem/